Happy Valentine Preparations!

Happy Valentine Preparations!

Never enough time is there?? I  am scrambling to get little gifts done for Valentines Day — Plus on Valentine’s Day a bunch of the designers from The Splendid Sampler are having a Giveaway Day, and yes, I am one of those peeps giving away a nice prize.  Be sure to stop by here at the Blue Nickel on Tuesday for that Giveaway. And don’t forget to comment on the previous post here to win some Intermix fabric from Free Spirit. There will be a little bit of overlap on those two giveaways (but I am not sure how much, so comment right away to get a chance to win!).

Now onto today’s post.  Rambling Rose by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit. I don’t have a lot of time to make stuff this year for the big day this week, and somehow I always feel rushed by Valentine’s Day.  I know, I know, what holidays DON’T seem rushed, right?       January just seems to early for the stuff; I kind of like decorating in a quiet, wintery, simple way after the abundance of Christmas. This year I didn’t even get to pulling out our small bit of Valentine decor and well, today seems just a little to late, right? Let’s just move on into Easter later next week.

But I couldn’t resist making a couple little baskets from the tutorial I mentioned in my last post from this very romantic floral line.
Tanya always does Roses – JUST RIGHT. And these baskets capture the essence of the line I think.

These have me longing for summer picnics or just dinner on the back porch in late spring – very vintage and romantic linens laid out with flowers and good food.

I think I like these sort of prints because they remind me of all of the women in my life – my wife, my daughter, my mom, my grandma, and sometimes my sister…  🙂

My wife LOVES this line. I only have a Fat Quarter bundle of it, but yardage would make some wonderful spring and summer blouses and curtains and all sorts of things wouldn’t it?

That’s it for today.   I am going to now see about getting some more Splendid Sampler blocks for my next post so I don’t just show you all of the blocks I have already shown you.  Although I am going to try to photograph what I have done so far all together and I don’t think I have done that for you yet.  

Here’s my original tutorial for pieced heart versions of the little heart shaped frou-fraw’s in the photos.  Here is a link to the PDF for the three heart sizes. Personally, my favorite is the smallest one.

And speaking of PHOTOS, these were all taken on my new iPhone 6s.  I think I am in love (the phone I replaced was a Galaxy S3  and ancient!)

Happy Pre-Valentines Day,

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



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  • Love Love Love the Roses !!! My favorite Colors !!!

    February 14, 2017 at 6:32 am

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