Winners Circle

Winners Circle

Happy Mid January already!!

I just love giving away stuff, I did a lot of that over the last few months, but I have been negligent to keep you all informed of who the winners were. So here’s a short post to let you all in on who won what. I have already sent out the Prizes. Everybody should have their goodies by now I would hope!

Do you remember Wren Olive? She is one of the “Prop Girls” Blue Nickel Readers named back in 2010!!

In the latest New Year’s Giveaway of the package of 10″ squares and scraps of Deco State Flowers, the winner was:

Donna who wrote  “I like your block it is interesting and I’d like to try it in various fabrics. I am going to make a determined effort to finish my UFOs.”


And here is Suki, the other Prop Girl. I hope you will see more of both of these Hujoo Dolls dressed up in fashions my darling Wife Linda creates!


In the other Deco State Flowers Giveaway in November,  an assortment of 4″ strips went to:

Judy – who wrote –  “I’ve branched out from stippling and tried straight line and some motifs I learned from Lori Kennedy. Thanks for the opportunity.”


In the Hand Maker Giveaway, Natalie sent a bundle of Fat quarters  (and I emailed a Christmas 1964 pattern) to:

Linda  – who wrote – “Love the fabrics and your pattern!”


In the Color Brigade Giveaway (way back in October!!) there were three winners:

Gloria – who wrote –  “I love all of Jennifer Paganelli’s fabric designs. Their rich lushness attracts me every time I see them.I admit to being hesitant to buy them to use in a project. Your blog today has made me ashamed of my cowardice though and I am determined to move out of my comfort zone AGAIN! I do love color so this will be fun! Thanks for the giveaway and the encouragement to try something new!”

Brenda – who wrote –    “The blues, greens, and yellows are so rich looking. I want them all!!”

Dianna – who wrote –   “The fabrics are nothing short of amazingly beautiful! Jennifer has the most delicious combination of colors and florals! Can’t have a favorite as ANY of them would be a cherished quilt in anyone’s home! Love working with beautiful fabrics. Its like bringing in the outdoors!”


All of the featured fabric in today’s post is Deco State Flowers from In the Beginning. And this sewing machine? It was my mom’s and the one I learned to sew on!

Wow, I didn’t realize I was that far behind in keeping you up-to-date on the winners!

Keep hanging out here though, because I have big plans to give more away this year as well as sell some more stuff in the Shop.

Working on some fun stuff with a bunch of New lines from Free Spirit. Sharing here and on Instagram as soon as I can.

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy!


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  • Patty


    That is such a darling picture with the dolls and sewing machine. You always have cute little arrangements.

    January 21, 2017 at 10:07 am

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