My Lumberjack City Sampler

My Lumberjack City Sampler

Howdy! Dropping into this dusty ole blog again. I swear I love coming here, but it seems like there is NEVER enough time to stop and visit with you.

This pile on the  cutting table is partly why in my clean up adventure this fall/winter in the studio isn’t just about cleaning up, it is about finishing a whole lot of WIP’s or UFO’s or whatever you call those beauties you started but got distracted by  binging on Poldark or Hell on Wheels or Downton Abbey  (hmmmm… I may like historical shows?) or whatever distracted me 10-15 years ago.

The Tula Pink City Sampler project isn’t THAT old, but it was stacked on the corner of my cutting surface, hence the real reason I started with this project.


I started this shortly after Tula’s book came out three years ago.  And I wanted to mix the “old” me with the “new” me by combining the plaids and woven homespun fabrics I used to use all of the time with the newly hip solids that have made such a huge comeback these days.  I call it my Lumberjack quilt because of all the plaids, even though some blocks are barely a “lumberjack” look.

Here are the remaining 58 blocks from the project. I got them done! Now to make sure they don’t linger and become another WIP (Wonder in Progress). But for now, I can clean up and work the plaids and solids back into the stash. I will work on getting these set into a top next year.  I know that’s not really DONE, but they are all ready for some sashing. I promise I will get to them!


I have been showing one at a time on Instagram and will keep doing so until I get through them all.


Here’s a little sample of how you should pay attention to diagrams. Top one is as laid out in the book, bottom one is me just happily sewing away, blissfully unaware I was not sewing it as shown. Grant you, it really wouldn’t make any difference in the whole quilt, but for some reason, I just wanted to do it “by the book.”


Here are four other blocks that I found stuffed in the pages of the book done up in Red, White, and Blue. I vaguely remember making these for a fabric review of a Clothworks line…I imagine about 3 years ago! Two of Block 87 and two of Block 98.  Not sure what I will do with them. I have some other random Red, White, and Blue blocks of different sizes, I will probably just work them into something with those.


That’s it for today. I am presently working feverishly on a Thanksgiving project based on fabric that I picked up over 8 years ago (or longer). I think it might be actually ready for Thanksgiving this year. For the past 3-5 years I kept noticing the box it was stored in the day before or a few days after. Very glad to have it done soon!!

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,

PS. Wait! There’s more! I forgot to announce the winners in the Color Brigade Giveaway!!

The winners were:
Brenda Nelson who wrote:  The blues, greens, and yellows are so rich looking. I want them all!!

Gloria Cotten who wrote: I love all of Jennifer Paganelli’s fabric designs. Their rich lushness attracts me every time I see them.I admit to being hesitant to buy them to use in a project. Your blog today has made me ashamed of my cowardice though and I am determined to move out of my comfort zone AGAIN! I do love color so this will be fun! Thanks for the giveaway and the encouragement to try something new!

and Dianna Hauf who wrote: The fabrics are nothing short of amazingly beautiful! Jennifer has the most delicious combination of colors and florals! Can’t have a favorite as ANY of them would be a cherished quilt in anyone’s home! Love working with beautiful fabrics. Its like bringing in the outdoors!

Thank you to everyone who left comments and stopped by!
More giveaways are on the horizion, Stay tuned!!



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  • Gloria Cotten


    I am loving your Lumberjack City Sampler quilt! Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it!

    November 19, 2016 at 2:42 pm

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