Hand Maker – By Natalie Barnes

Hand Maker – By Natalie Barnes


So this summer during my time at Sisters, I got to know Natalie Barnes from beyond the reef a little better.

What a sweet, kind-hearted and loving lady!
And she just loves color and design and flora and fauna as much as I do.

She lives in Los Angeles, but I can tell her heart longs for a life in the country. She was enthralled with Sisters, Oregon (for good reason!)


Shortly after we had both gone our separate ways home from Sisters, Natalie asked me to make a project for her Fall Quilt Market booth from her new line Hand Maker for Windham Fabrics.
Of course I said ‘sure’ so she sent me some. I was delighted when it came, because although I had seen it online, the real deal was so much richer and enthralling than it had seemed on the small screen. I am excited to show you that project next month, it’s from one of my quilt patterns for sale here, but you’ll have to wait until then to see which one I made.


For now let’s just ogle over this line!

Love the Corals and Chartreuse. And the Blacks and Whites, pure heaven!




I’m seriously crushing on that main print with the hand-drawn flowers over color spots.


I was obliged to create some more of my version of Monica‘s little Treat Bags.

And I had a great time taking these pictures of them in the crab-apple tree!  Perfect evening for it!

I am captivated by all of the leaves putting out their last hurrah of dazzle every autumn!





Lots of fun scraps that I will work into something, someday.




These luscious prints will be out in the stores in November! Make sure your local quilt shop is getting some!!


That’s it for today. I have some posts that are mostly prose (hardly any pictures? WOW!) that are about a lot of different things that I have been thinking about.

But don’t worry, there will plenty of other posts full of color and pattern as you would expect.

I have a giveaway planned too, so be sure to stay tuned.


For now,

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,















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