Sweetheart Winners and Garden Gate

Sweetheart Winners and Garden Gate

Sorry I am late on announcing the winners of the Sweetheart Strips and Scraps. It’s been CRAZY around here!


Without further ado, here they are:


Nancy commented via the blog sharing her loves:

I love making things for my family and friends. I love scrappy quilts. I love chocolate. I love finally living close to one of our daughters. I love the Lord and all the adventures He has led us to. I love reading. I love color and patterns in things. I love traveling. I love all our International friends. I love being married to my wonderful husband.


Betsy commented via Instagram declaring:

So springy!


The prizes are on the way to these  two ladies.


And then there’s the current issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited.




Where you can find my Garden Gate quilt pattern!




This quilt was a fun way to  use a bunch of the Cotton & Steel prints that I had been hoarding up. I not exactly sure how many lines this quilt contains. I think just the first two lines, maybe three.

I love these fabrics because there is a such a fun variety with each of the designers in the group, but the colors are all beautifully coordinated enough to create a scrappy, yet unified look.


I was really digging on the “lozenge” shape when I made this one.  Somewhat reminiscent of my Boom! pattern.  I called this quilt Garden Gate because it somewhat reminded me of a fancy garden gate. Not one I’ve ever seen, but one that I made up in my head. You know, that really scary place.  🙂
Keep Sewing, Keep Happy!


  • Patty


    Really like this quilt. The C & S fabrics are so pretty. I have a few but am slowly collecting more.

    February 23, 2016 at 4:49 pm

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