Happy Pre-Valentines Day!




I had been planning on presenting a whole week’s worth of fun Valentine Day craft ideas from a variety of sources. But since it is February 12th already (Where the heck did JANUARY GO?) I will be lumping a bunch together now. You have tonight and Saturday – unless you are on the other side of the world and that means you just have Saturday pretty much.  I asked some of my friends in a Quilt-related Designer group that I belong to for some of their tutorials and the like. So here’s what they came up with:


Jacquelynne Steves has this little Mug Rug Tutorial as well as this Heart Block Tutorial. These are great little projects, but applique is not MY thing, so I probably would never get to these.

She also just posted these little bags!


Joan Ford sent me this little care package to make some of these great little heart shaped pins. I lost this package in the studio until today….so uh, yeah, they didn’t get made. But good news is Joan sent a bunch of the stiff batting squares and pins. So down the road I will test out her Mini Scrap Grid and make some pins …. and then give away a couple packs from the leftovers.




Kim Lapacek has a quick little card trick (heart trick!) pattern up for sale for only $1 at Craftsy.

Card Trick was the first traditional block that I ever made I think — in the CLASSIC 1980’s colors of Dusty Blue, Dusty Rose, and Laven-dirt.  🙂


Amy Friend offered this little round up of Valentine’s Day Tutorials.


Liesl Gibson shared this free heart ornament pattern with a great little display idea as well!!


Krista Hennebury has this great little Heart – Ballet tote pattern.


Kerry Goulder mentioned this non-sew but still craft and sewing themed cards to make as well as this simple little pouch.


And Kathy Brown sent these awesome little wool “ewe” patterns to try out. Haven’t gotten to them, but I really do like these a lot!




Especially this one!




Tomorrow I will show you how I re-engineered this great project designed by Allison Harris to fit our family for Linda for Valentine’s Day. She’s doing floral work these days — and well it’s Valentine’s — I don’t see her much right now.

Oh, and if you want just some simple heart shapes to make a couple different scrappy Heart Ornaments you can grab the PDF from this Blue Nickel Post.


That’s it for now. I have to go get something for my Honey for Sunday, even though I probably won’t see much of her on the day — we both have to work all day. (Linda’s in Retail Flowers like I said above and I am at the Costco IT call center “24/7 baby”) And then I have to work on tomorrow’s post. I am looking forward to showing you the stuff I made with a new line by Joel Dewberry – including Linda’s Valentine.


Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



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