Windham — Desk Job

Windham — Desk Job


Onto another day of CatchUp-2015! You can tell I took these pictures months ago. We’ve had a VERY dry summer here in the Pacific Northwest, and everything is pretty crispy French Fry colored out here in our back field now. I hope I don’t lose too many trees…just haven’t been able to keep up with watering everything. We just had our first rainfall in 4 weeks or more. For the Northwest corner of the US, that’s a LONG time!


The line featured today is Desk Job by Fierce Mally for Windham Fabrics. This line has been in stores since May, so you may have already seen it, or picked some up yourself. Like Bake, I love the scale of this line.


My favorite prints are the glasses, the pencils, and the desk lamps!




For the colors, I love the blue and the green best.  I just got a new gig at Costco corporate with a Desk Job myself, so I am kind of excited to make something for my own desk down the road. For starters, there are more peeps that desks in my department, so I will have to desk share for awhile…but eventually, I’ll have my own space. I am looking forward to that!


Project-wise for this line, I did the same thing that I did for Bake the other day….. a bunch of 4 1/2″ Half Square Triangles. and some little bags (along the lines of these bags, but through some cutting errors, etc…quite a bit smaller!)



Most of the bags were given away in Sisters, Oregon for this year’s Quilters’ Affair.



I think these Half Square Triangles are going to end up in some Maple Leaf blogs for this one project I want to try to work out. We’ll see what happens with that.


So that’s it for today’s post. Next post is going to be that little surprise from this line that I told you was coming.

AND the Blue Nickel Studios page has hit 1000+ likes on Facebook so there is another big qiveaway coming as well. That 1000 likes giveaway may not happen until August, as I am doing a big blog remodel, so things will be changing and rearranging here. My current plan is to open the new quarters of the Blue Nickel with that 1000  giveaway. The URL will remain the same I am pretty sure, it will just look fresher and more up to date than it has the last oh, 5 or 8 years….

Keep Happy, Keep Sewing,



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  • Congrats on the 1000. I wouldn’t want to be the only one who changes a design plan because of cutting wrong; thanks for keeping me company. 🙂

    July 27, 2015 at 10:10 pm

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