winners circle….

winners circle….

Hey there,

In my last post, I had a giveaway for the book All Lovely Things by Lea Redmond.  It wasn’t really “quilt” or “fabric” oriented, but it was kind of a fun book. And I said I was going to draw a name April 2nd…well, that didn’t really happen.  But I did get to it, and we have a winner!

And our winner is Patty, who wrote:

I too have been “sorting” thru things trying to get rid of the excess possessions I have. The first thing that came to mind was an antique quilt I have from a great-great-grandmother, probably made in 1890. But the one thing that defines me is my mother’s ring with the birthstones of my children. I wear it every day along with a ring from my mother.

Thanks to everyone who commented, I enjoyed the conversation about giving and hanging onto things…and the thoughts on which “things” do or do not define us….or even those that did once, but no longer do define the world around us.

Part of the reason that I didn’t quite get around to doing the drawing and writing up this post was to blame on these two bad boys.  I haven’t really named them yet, but I am open to your suggestions!

2 New machines

My 24 year old Singer finally bit the dust in the last few weeks. The old girl just gave her little heart into my sewing for as long as she could.  I was sad to lose her.  She never did very well at actual quilting, so I always have hired out my long arm quilting.

Well, I sent out MOST of my quilts for quilting. For a couple of years, I had a B-line Quilting Frame and this Juki set up. I had terrible issues with it, the frame wasn’t the right height, the tension was constantly giving me grief, etc. Last winter I sold the frame on Craigslist, but kept the machine because I had only heard good things about it…I thought maybe I could get it to do what everyone else said it could do.

not so new Juki

So when the Singer died, I hauled this guy out….And I think I am in love. It is working fine now, I played with some free motion quilting and it seems better than I remember it. Not my quilting skills, the Juki’s ability to do the job!  And speedy?? Scary fast!

It does most everything that I need; straight-stitching and free motion quilting.  But it doesn’t do any zig zag or button holes or other stuff like that….

I bought this Brother Project Runway model for all of the rest. And it’s pretty good too…both are SOOOOOO much faster than my poor old Singer was going at the end…felt like I was working with a rusty treadle machine by the last stitch.

New Brother machine

And so, I have been playing around and making stuff, mending some clothes and overall experimenting with both of these machines. Juggling the space is part of my concern too, so I think there will be some cleaning on the to-do list too…

I will show you some of the stuff I have been creating in the next couple of posts!

On the “teaching” side of things, I have a gig tomorrow in Mount Vernon, Washington at Calico Creations. My next class group will be in Sisters, Oregon for the Quilters’ Affair Event in July 2015. Last I checked, all of my classes were full except Fireside Chat, but check with the Stitchin’ Post staff to be sure.  And then I will be teaching in Mount Vernon for a week in September this fall at the Treacy-Levine Center. Classes are still at the to be determined stage right now.

So that’s it for now….now what am I going to name these two working boys?

Keep Happy, Keep Sewing,


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