Mr. September for #NGAQB — Giuseppe Ribaudo

Mr. September for #NGAQB — Giuseppe Ribaudo


Time for another installment of the #NGAQB…..I am happy to say that I am all caught up in the sewing of the blocks for the #NGAQB and only have to do December’s blocks next month! Yeah! But I am behind in sharing the blocks and the guys who they are for.  So today it’s September and the many who goes by Giucy Giuce.

Giuseppe Ribaudo is his real name and he’s fairly quiet on the Social Media scene….although he seems to have a great many friends on his Instagram page! And rightfully so, because he does share some fantastic photos full of color and design! He loves color that’s for sure!!

I don’t have a mini bio for you from Giucy, but I do have his Bee block request, and it gives a pretty good picture of what he wanted in these blocks and a little bit about himself as well.  Here are his words about his request:

Basically, complete and total scrappy chaos. I want to make a scrappy quilt with bright colors and tea-­‐stained backgrounds.  So here is what I am thinking… I would love for each of you to create any block you would like in any size you would like. You could do a really big block (maybe an 18” or a 24”), or maybe you wouldn’t mind making me
some smaller blocks (perhaps 6” or 8”), and anything in between.  I don’t think I want to go any smaller than 6” and any larger than 24”. They don’t even need to be blocks. They can be strips or rectangles too! Would love to see some big triangles in there, as well. Been slightly obsessed with them as of late. Would also love a couple of wonky stars in different sizes. You could do a couple of different smaller blocks if you wanted. Have at it. Again, do not feel confined to doing a block.  As long as it is not a circle I will find a way to make it work! Have fun with it. Experiment. I think my tastes are pretty apparent on my IG feed so take a peek and do what you like.

As far as color goes, you may or may not know this about me, but  I am a whore for color order (a color whorder, if you will). Surprisingly though, I only have one color order quilt. Soooo I would love blocks that move in color order: they can move out from the center of the block, across the block, however you like. Here is the value I would love to stay within (one is more saturated, the other more subdued, but always the same feel to the palette…feel free to play with either).  Think AMH and Alison Glass:

So I did as instructed and had fun with it. I drew up a simple little long “block” that fit his measurement requirements exactly….these would both finish at 6″ x 24″ …. they are a reflection of each other and an inverse in their color order. They can stand alone on two different parts of his final quilt, or they can be connected for one long border or block or whatever.


And that was going to be it, but then I saw these extra triangle from one of my new patterns that I have been working on (Boom! which will be revealed soon) and I realized that they would be easy and fun to throw together in color order as well, so Voila! there you go… more block…. (sans the tea-stained, off white backgrounds)


I really enjoyed making these even though I am not a huge fan of rainbow quilts. I love color, but not necessarily in “order” like that. The only rainbows that I really like are the ones that God puts in the sky to remind us of the story of Noah and God’s great love for us….

That’s it for today….

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



  • Emily C


    I love rainbow quilt blocks like this because you can just sit there and keep finding new things. Kind of like an I Spy quilt. It all goes together, because of the colors, but they are all different. Makes it fun.

    November 30, 2014 at 6:00 am
  • Hi there,
    I love your “blocks” for Guicy. I have quite a few of those fabrics that I was working with last night on some improve blocks for a bee I’m in. I know this is a NGAQB, but I’m commenting anyway! 🙂

    December 3, 2014 at 7:19 am

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