Overdue …. a winner announcement & other fun stuff…..

Overdue …. a winner announcement & other fun stuff…..

And long overdue…here is the winner to John Q Adams’ E-book Beyond Neutral from the good peeps at Martingale.

And the winner is…….

Yvonne who wrote:     Pacific crest is edging out Canyonlands as my favorite. Thanks for a great giveaway.

The Martingale staff will be getting back to you Yvonne soon….thanks to all who commented!

Here ‘s something else a bit overdue….

Old pictures I took of some of my pincushions for a photo shoot that never got finished.  For your viewing pleasure:


Here are most of my pincushions together. I didn’t realize that I had a collection of them until I did the photo shoot.


This little guy Linda made from a loose chess piece…a bishop….I think it has that old-fashioned, probably not very “PC” but still awfully cute! And the beaded one to the left was a kit that I got for Christmas ages ago and actually got put together.


This red, white, and blue one is a crocheted one made by Linda’s Grandmother. This is actually hers….not mine…  🙂


This one is just happy!


This chaise lounge one was a Christmas present one year.  Linda has borrowed this for a prop for a small doll on more than one occasion.


And here’s my favorite. Also from Linda’s Grandmother, this little guy never fails to give me a lift!

Again, Congrats to Yvonne and have a great day!!

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