Aurifil August Designer of the Month — Michele Foster

Aurifil August Designer of the Month — Michele Foster

aurifil 2014 Aug designer of the month Michele Foster

Didn’t I say last month when I wrote up the July Aurifil Designer of the Month post, that I would be Johnny on the spot with August??  Well, obviously, it didn’t happen as today is the 31st….and I am just now writing it… Just so you know, I did have my block done very early in the month.  But August zoomed by with so many things. Many life changes in our family. Out oldest, Noel, is in his first apartment now, and our second boy (sorry, man now) Max will be living with Noel next week. That leaves Mimi here at home with us.  The boys aren’t that far away. Noel is still coming home every weekend. But still it’s a state of flux. I spent most of August working the day job and helping get Noel situated as well as organizing a yard sale (it rained the day we had planned…so it didn’t do so well!)  Anywhoo….Onto this post.

August’s Aurifil Designer of the Month is the very talented (at both quilt design and organizing community) Michele Foster from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Michele is the brains, heart, and soul behind the Quilting Gallery, one of the first quilt online “groups” I remember seeing way back when I started getting into the blog world.  She has been very instrumental in getting a lot of fun free patterns out there and helping promote many, many designers!

Read more about Michele, here in her interview with Pat Sloan.

And here’s her block, The Aurifil Button:


Directions for the block are here.

And here is my block done in a print from Valori Wells’ Wish line, and assorted prints from Liberty.


And here’s Quilting Tip #8 from Natalia.


so now, here’s the WINNING part….you can win a box of Pat’s Aurifil thread just by making this block and posting it on the Aurifil Flickr page here.

And now I am finally getting this posted, and I see it is past midnight on the 31st….so yeah, it’s officially September people….I hope I will get you the September Aurifil block earlier!
Happy Labor Day, US peeps….and Happy September everyone else!

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