Aurifil Designer of the Month — April

Aurifil Designer of the Month — April

And then there was April. There was? I barely blinked and it is over tonight at Midnight. Well, I did actually do a lot more than blink. Which is probably why this post is just getting done today.  Since I am part of the Aurifil Designer of the Month 2014 group, I committed to posting my cohorts in the group every month. Sorry Angela, I didn’t forget you, I just got really, really behind.

So without further ado, Meet Angela Yosten.  Her interview with the lovely Pat Sloan is here.

2014 Angela Yosten Apr Aurifil designer button

And here is her Block, a nice Traditional Bear Paw with a little added border.

12 - Bear Paw Block


You can download Angela’s Bear Paw Pattern from here.

And here is my version of the block in the Liberty and Wish Voile I have been working with:

liberty aurifil block 4

Note, I made this just now, and I have no time to do the hand-stitching bit.

So remember YOU can win a Big Box of Aurifil thread EVERY month just by making these blocks and posting them here. So you might as well make some. Someone’s gotta win. And even if you don’t, you will have 12 great blocks at the end of the year.

And here is the Aurifil Quilting Tip of the Month from Natalia Bonner.


That’s it for today Peeps! Onto more sewing and writing here! Enjoy your day!! (don’t forget I am still taking comments on this post for a little prize through this coming weekend)

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