Who’s Being “Dogma”tic Now??

Who’s Being “Dogma”tic Now??

So the 12 Days of Color starts on December 6th, but I still have a ton of fabric from earlier in the year to jabber on about.  I was noticing a bunch of people doing “Modern Maple” quilts, and I didn’t want to do exactly the same thing, but it got me thinking about a different type setting for your basic Maple Leaf block (which isn’t really “new”, right?)  So I have decided that when I can, I am going to do two blocks in the lines that I feature around the 12 Days of Color and when I am done, I will have a mix of different leaves….all scrappy and the way I like it…

Dogma 3

Here’s Dogma from In The Beginning. I love the retro feel of this line, and I also think it will go well with some of the Parson Gray leftovers I have all over the place.  There was a panel piece too with various dogs pictured, but they were big, and I am not really that into novelty prints anyway, especially large scale ones.

Dogma 34

Dogma 32

Here are my maple leaves from the line…..I paired the prints up with what I am pretty sure are two crosswoven solids from In The Beginning’s first wave of Modern Solids.

Dogma 9


Dogma 2

I ended up cutting extra triangles so that I could have more variety in each leaf.  Those extra triangles can mix with all of the other lines when I get all of these Maple Leaves done, to make the finished project down the road even scrappier!


Okay so tomorrow some more Maple Leaves and then Thursday as well…..and then Friday, we’ll start the 12 Days of Color! are you ready??

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  • Jean from Stray Threads


    Loving the maple leaves. And you’re right. Those fabric lines really make them look more modern!

    December 4, 2013 at 7:39 am

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