Backyard Adventures!

Backyard Adventures!

And here we have another book review in our November Catch-up-Along. (yup…I made up another word….don’t act so shocked now…”blog” wasn’t even a word back when I was growing up!)

This title is Sew a Backyard Adventure by Susan Maw and Sally Bell for C&T Publishing.

 I first met Susan and Sally years ago at Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon, and just love the way they play with fabric. So when they asked me to review their latest book, I said sure! It took awhile for Sew a Backyard Adventure to get here, and then awhile for me to get this review done, but here you go! 


Backyard Adventure is full of fun projects mostly for kids and mostly NOT quilts, but a lot of fun, creative sewing projects for kids. And a few non-sewing projects that look fun too for a set of younger kids than we have here at the Blue Nickel these days.

They have a great little campy kid’s vest:


A kid’s sleeping bag:


And a teepee!


My favorite quilt in the book would likely be this one (even though, I would probably never get to appliqué bits):


In keeping with the “camping” theme of the projects in the book, Susan and Sally have a couple paper projects for the kids and two camping recipe “variations” that are kind of fun.


I think this is a particularly good book for those with younger kids or grandkids. I think I will be saving this book for grandkids down the road…I could easily have some around here in ten years for sure, although I am thinking that the kids’ teepee idea might be a fun prop for Linda’s bigger dolls for photo shoots sooner than that.

That’s it for today, peeps!

More stuff coming through the Catch-Up Tube, stay tuned!

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