1-2-3 Quilt

1-2-3 Quilt

Welcome to the Blue Nickel! If you have been following for awhile then you know I am in “catch-up” mode. So I am continuing on with the great November Blog Catch-up! Today’s title is 1-2-3 Quilt  by Ellen Luckett Baker for Chronicle Books.


This book seems pretty basic to me, because I have been sewing for so long, so I don’t know if it would be one that I would rush out and get, but I think it is a pretty good book for beginners. And there are some quilts in it that I would like to make…. just to make them up and giveaway down the road.  It is nice to not to have to think about a pattern when making a quilt to giveaway. I wish I had more time for those kind of projects too…there are so many good efforts to give them to. Here’s a list of place to donate quilts if you are thinking about it yourself!

Now back to the book.

I love this one that is inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s work:

123 Quilt9

And this one with its “random” order of rectangles:

123 Quitl11

And I like this triangle one too, but I am not sure I could ever keep it this “clean” looking. I would very likely use MANY prints in it and maybe only one or two solids.

I love this circle one too, but you KNOW I am probably never going to make this one because of the appliqué.


There is this little pouch that I think I will make because I would like to learn how to work with zippers and this one doesn’t seem too intimidating.


And I like this simple little runner too! 

123 Quilt10

I can see it using a Jelly Roll, can’t you?  That is if you can bear to open up that Jelly Roll…. they are so pretty just sitting there, aren’t they??

The directions seem very complete throughout the book with good illustrations, and I think that is what makes it good for a new sewist.  The book is put out by Chronicle Books, so you can probably find it just about anywhere. Their books are everywhere!

Until Next Time,

Keep Sewing…..Keep Happy!

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