Modern Holiday

Modern Holiday

And so here is the next installment of Blue Nickel November Catch Up month! A book review all about  Modern Holiday by Amanda Murphy via Stash Books.

I wrote the below review this past September and it is finally making it onto the post-list here at the Blue Nickel.  After I took the pictures this morning, I realized that it really is mostly Red, White, and Robin’s Egg blue. Some of my Favorite Colors. No wonder I like this book so much.

modern holiday0

And here’s another great book from Stash Books. And I am telling you about this in time for you to use it this year….if you have the time! Modern Holiday by Amanda Murphy has got some great projects in it for the “modern” holiday, but honestly my favorite quilts in the book could be for ANY time of year. Amanda uses a lot of the last few years of  “mod” holiday prints put out by Michael Miller, Moda, and Robert Kaufman fabrics in these quilts, but they don’t have to be Christmas prints at all.

In fact my favorite one, Crossroads, doesn’t necessarily look Christmasy at all. If it were in a room sans the other Christmas décor, it would be just fine, and with the Christmas kitsch it would be fine too.  You know how much I love that robin’s egg blue and red!

modern holiday81

There are a couple appliqué ones which you know I steer away from, but you could do them, I am sure! My other favorite quilt in here is Modern Madness, and I can see it done up in a nice Autumn spectrum as well.

modern holiday 82

I also like the Modern Ornament Table Runner for its simplicity and modern feel, but again, the fabrics could be totally switched up and you wouldn’t think Christmas Ornament at all, you’d think nice, clean modern design. 

modern holiday 83

I have to admit, and sheepishly so, that even though I think the Three-Dimensional Trees scream my Grandma’s 1975 holiday décor….I really like them….And I really think I might just make them with some of the Christmas fabric I have been hoarding saving up over the last few years. 

modern holiday 84

I know, I know…. Christmas Bazaar or Garage Sale Fodder down the road, but right now…I kinda like them….and someday when my grandchildren who aren’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye yet see them, they will be down-right vintage…right??

And as opposed to last year when I gave you some Holiday book reviews Just before the holidays, I have done this one early enough so if you want to go out and get it and make something for THIS year’s holiday, if you have time.

I know, you can thank me later…..

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