All creatures great and small….

All creatures great and small….

So continuing our Catch Up month of November that I started yesterday on Halloween…we have today’s book review:

Crafty Creatures, By Jane Bull for DK Books

To be honest, I do NOT think this book’s cover does it much justice. When I saw the cover in the email asking me if I wanted to review it, I almost passed on it, because it just didn’t look all that interesting to me. But I knew it was by DK Books, and the kids had the best books from them back when they were little, so I thought I would give it a go, not knowing if I would like it at all.


I was happily mistaken!

I don’t knit, but I thought these ducklings were totally adorable! They are given their girth with a hollow plastic Easter egg, so they would work great for that holiday, but they don’t have to be limited to Easter, I don’t think.


I liked these little creatures as well…..another knitting project.


And there are some nice instructions in the back of the book to teach you basic knitting skills too, which would be very necessary for someone like me!


And this sock monkey concept is definitely not “new” but these directions are pretty well laid out!


The minimals made out of felt are super cute too. Love the simplicity of them! Would look great as Christmas ornaments or even just everyday as ornaments on a twig in a vase.


And speaking of “non-Christmas” Christmas ornaments, I think these little birds would be pretty cool on the tree for Christmas or any other time of the year too….In ANY fabrics!


So that’s it for today’s book review.  I have some pictures from Houston that I want to share soon as well as a pile of more books and fabrics and projects and class news, oh my! (As in lions and tigers and bears….just in case you didn’t follow that cadence.)

Talk to you soon!

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