Briar Rose …..

Briar Rose …..


So I have been sitting on a BUNCH of Briar Rose that I had before everyone else…..and I still haven’t done  much with it yet…just so lovely, and I want to have just the right project…wait, I actually have a book review coming up with a project that I am going to make from it,  so stay tuned for that (July 28th I believe).

But I did give some of it to my darling (most of the time) daughter, Mimi, and she made her own dress out of it for Quilt Market back in May down in Portland, Oregon.  Here she is in Heather Ross’s booth for Windham Fabrics. I never actually had the chance to meet Heather; I was quite bummed about that! But I know I will down the road, and I am already conniving what I am going to do when I get her next line….even though I haven’t done much with this line….once a hoarder, planner, always a hoarder, planner……


And here is Mimi over at the Michael Miller booth in the “Swan”….The Michael Miller peeps ALWAYS have the best props…it’s insane what they come up with for each Market…and always a delight!



Okay…. I was just wrapping up this post, and I got to thinking about the line….so I ran up the studio and whipped up these four patches….just because I wanted to….Have NO idea what I will do with them, but they will get worked into something eventually….


briar rose1

 briar rose 3

 You’re welcome by the way….make sure you get your Briar Rose while you can….it just popped up in the shops this month I think….


briar rose 2


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  • Jeanette


    Your daughter is adorable!

    July 26, 2013 at 6:24 am

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