Quilts by Roderick Kiracofe

Quilts by Roderick Kiracofe


Roderick Kiracofe sent me his book Quilts  back in the second half of last year just because he wanted me to check it out and if I liked it, tell you about it too.  I am SOOOOO Sorry Rod, that it took this freakin’ long!!  The delay in time has absolutely nothing to do with my level enthusiastic love for  this book. If anything, I just kept putting it off because I wanted to write so much about how much I love it and show so many photos of it because I never had the time to do it justice. And I still don’t have the time, but it has surfaced to the top of the stacks of things to do, so I just want to punch this out, so you can still get yourself a copy of it!

If you want to be inspired by some truly Marvelous quilts, get this book! Now! I’ll wait for you…..

Okay, now that you are back….I will tell you a little more about the book you will soon be getting in from that man you love in the brown shorts…..

Many of the quilts in here were at the QuiltCon in a special display way back in February, so many of you may already seen them in person in Austin, or online when you were salivating over all of the internet eye-candy that came out of that event.

Rod’s brief written introduction is written in a very academic style. Very informative and cognizant that quilts are to be loved for both very domestic and artful. The quilts themselves? Magnificent. I am pretty sure that none of them were ever in a “juried” show where some quilt police officer came and told them that their binding methods needed some work. Or their “points” weren’t up to snuff.  Here are just of a few of these beautiful creations from the book.


 Love the stripey-ness of this one!


This quilt is one of my absolute favorites in Quilts because of that massive green cotton fringe…I have some vintage fringe like this…I can’t wait for the right quilt to put it on!! Maybe this one when I get it done!!


And of course, I love the Red-&-White-ness of this one!


Love the stripey-ness and zigzaggy-ness of the the one on the right and the offcenter-centered-ness of the one on the left.

And yes, those are all very technical words in the Blue Nickel lexicon.  And it looks like Rod’s second book from these quilts in his collection is out, Quilts 2. So you should get that one too!!

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