With Gratitude….

With Gratitude….

I had planned this post to go up yesterday on the actual day of Memorial Day, but I got so carried away with a couple big projects that needed to be worked on that I didn’t get to it.

American flags

And I don’t have much to “say” in this post except THANK YOU!! to all of those servicemen and women who have served and continue to serve our country.  I did not go in the service as a young man, and I don’t know that I would have done all that well there, but I am SOOOO appreciative of all of those who have done so and are still doing so.  And I pray that you will be safe and that peace will be our future and not war….I can’t think of how difficult everything about that life must be.

At Quilt Market, I happened to come upon a conversation with some friends involved with the  Modern Quilting Movement discussing some interesting ideas with honoring our troops and I was glad I did! I will have more info down the road, but let’s just say that I think it is cool how the “modern” and the “traditional” facets of quilting are beginning to show signs of merging……Let’s pray our government can figure out how to come together in a similar fashion.

Red White Blue

Oh, and I will draw for winners in the Tim Holtz drawing and the Quilt Market drawing on Wednesday sometime I think. So if you want to get a chance in go to those posts and enter.  Also…if you get a chance and do the Facebook thing. Can you see how many friends you can get to like my Blue Nickel page?  I would like to get to 1,000 and I am at 315. Publishers and industry people really look at Facebook likes to make decisions and so if you could help by liking my page there and having all of YOUR friends like it, I can get that much closer.   And I have this idea for a cool prize for one of those 1,000 likes down the road too!

Happy Post Memorial Day….and AGAIN….THANK YOU!!!  to all those who have served and continue to.

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