And here it is, time for another FOLK Journal post.  I hope you all aren’t bored with these. I think for at least this time in my life these posts are helping me keep up with the blog even if they are mostly “non-quilty”  There is more to life than quilting right? ….at least there should be….

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Passover begins at sundown on the 25th and reflects on the importance of remembering. What family or religious traditions do you cherish and believe are important to remember?

I find this topic difficult this week. We don’t celebrate Passover, but I have celebrated Easter all my life which is related to Passover for more reasons than I really have time or inclination to recite here.  It is a holiday of many spiritual ramifications, but I don’t know that many people really pay attention to that anymore….

I have been feeling at my  house that we have been losing sight of the holy part of Holy Week as well, and as someone who calls himself a Christian, that makes me more than a little sad.

I wonder if that is because we haven’t really held on to any traditions in that aspect of Easter. Instead we have had our traditions of the kids hunting for plastic eggs filled with candy and money and our annual Ugly Egg Contest with the dying of eggs. Not very spiritual. at. all.  Sigh.

Those things are fun and cheerful….but not particularly deep.  I grew up in a church with so much ritual and tradition, I found it boring at times, but perhaps though I thought the traditions were boring, they helped ground my faith….. maybe the lack of “traditions” has been not helpful in that area……

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Sorry if this isn’t a very “upbeat” post today. I have had a hard week in many areas this week and even though this is supposed to be a holiday of hope and joy and redemption,  I am not feeling any of those things.  Good thing we don’t need to live by what we feel! Feelings change, and I am sure that I will be back where my faith tells me I need to be soon.   If it didn’t it wouldn’t be much of a faith, would it?

I probably didn’t really cover the “subject” of this week’s FOLK prompt very well, did I? But I did write a post, and I did share some of my feelings and thoughts with you, so I guess I get points for at least letting the “prompt” prompt me to do all of that!

The sun is up and this weekend looks to be great weather all around.  So I will force myself to remember all that I believe and rejoice in the ultimate Passover Lamb and His sacrifice for me.

A Blessed Easter to you and yours!


  • This is a wonderful post! Like you, my husband and I grew up in churches that were steeped in tradition and Holy Week was full of church days leading up to Easter. We now attend an Interdenominational church that reaches out to unbelievers so isn’t “churchy” in that there aren’t many rituals, etc. Recently we sang a hymn and later my teenagers said, “I didn’t know that song.” It made me sad that along the way we’d not shared with them our rich heritage of hymns. We do still visit our parents’ churches so they’ve seen some of the traditions, but like you, we haven’t held these days in high esteem. Maybe this is a good prompt for others, like my family, to work more on steeping our kids in the holiness of what happened in the Upper Room, in the Garden, on the Cross, and especially when the stone was rolled away.

    Thank you for sharing from your heart.

    March 30, 2013 at 10:31 am
  • I am hoping the promise of a new week has brought you more feelings of redemption and renewal. If not, try to think of it that way. While Easter wasn’t necessarily a holy day in our household as children, as an adult, I see it as a time for hope and renewal. Like Spring.

    Sending hugs your way and hoping this week find your spirit nourished with a bit more faith.

    April 1, 2013 at 10:51 am

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