Time and Time Again…..

Time and Time Again…..

Time again for another FOLK Journal Challenge post….in the same week it’s due? Wonders never cease.

Here’s the prompt: FOLK sharemystory

 Reflect on the meaning of time. What do you spend your time doing? Is there something you wish you had more time to do?

Now for my thoughts on the matter….. They are brief today….because well, I don’t have much time…..hahahaha…oh I crack myself up!

time clocks1

Wow! What do I spend my time doing? I feel like I am always working on something. Either at the DayJob, or on the magazine or on sewing and working on Blue Nickel Stuff.  And as much as I like the BNS stuff, I do think that takes away from my family, which I really don’t like….it is a struggle…..

But to be honest, I really think a LOT of my time is spent on the computer, and some of that is useful, and well, probably a bunch of those hours and minutes are just frittered away by following bunny trails down the WWW path. It’s not what you would consider “bad” but as Linda puts it, it becomes Kronos-cide (Kronos=Greek diety for time, and cide=suffix for killing….i.e. killing time).  And the computer time pulls my whole family apart from each other to a degree because we are all on the computers too much.

time clocks

I am so grateful for the useful computer time, it is how I have met MANY of my friends in the last few years, but I can also see how it pulls me away from REAL life as well. And when things go bad in REAL life, it good to have friends here in the REAL world as my friends in Cyber-bia can’t help quite as much.

And what would I wish I had more time to do? Well, I would really like more time out in the yard gardening and reveling in nature as well as more “me-time” sewing and visiting my relatives and traveling to so many wonderful places that exist in our world….Oh the list really could go on and on and on!

How about you??    What are your thoughts on time?

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  • Susan


    While I have met many lovely people through the computer…the computer is a huge time vampire! Hours can pass without me noticing how much time has flown!

    March 17, 2013 at 8:31 pm

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