Letter to Me, Myself, and I ….if we are all listening that is…..

Letter to Me, Myself, and I ….if we are all listening that is…..

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 I have been falling in love with a new magazine, FOLK, a little more “country” than some “modern quilters” might like, and “modern quilting” is where I seem to fall into these days, but I really don’t like how limiting that term is even though I love the work coming from that arena.  I think it’s because to me quilting is one of those things that goes in circles and comes around and around again.  I am sure many would argue with me on that, but since it takes two to argue (something my dad always said I think) I choose not to argue so much as to just state my opinion on that and leave it at that. And besides, FOLK offers up “folk” not just “country” and they definitely have a modern edge to their “look” so they fit in with the “Blue Nickel Studios — Urban Folk… Modern Design, Timeless Style” schtick. Oh, and they have a ton of fabulous photography…..i.e. lots of pretty pictures….LOTS of them….so yeah, I love this new magazine and hope they do well.

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ANYWAY to get back to the point of THIS post, FOLK has proposed a New Year’s Journaling Project for bloggers across many mediums and I certainly could use a push to keep journaling on a consistent basis! So I am linking up with them weekly to work on this.  The first week’s prompt (which I am already late on…oy vey!) is to write a letter to the 2012 me to reflect on lessons learned in 2012 and how I will apply that new knowledge to the 2013 me.  This sounds a bit heavy to me actually, but probably an important thing to do.  And every January, I say to myself,  “Scott, you really need to take this  month to reflect and grow and get ready for a new rush of creativity” and I always get caught up in the mundane and seemingly UNinspiring things.  There is never enough time…..

Anyway here’s my letter to myself, let’s see if I can be nice to me….

Dear Scott,

So yeah, reflection.  Not that easy for you is it? Most of 2012 you seemed to be caught up in the process of transition and there never seemed to be time for reflection. Or maybe that is just how you are. Or maybe you need to keep learning that.

At the beginning of the year, you were not sure in what direction your life would take work and income-wise in the future, only that you knew you needed a change, a change that you had tried before, but gave up on, and went back to the same old, same old in a different way, but not different enough.  Throughout the whole year it has been an up and down ride with many highs and many lows, but it sure is ending on a note of hope for a grand adventurous future with more change along the way.  And a renewed outlook on life and work. And knowing that, yes, you CAN do different and new things. And that there are people out there who value what you have to offer more than you knew. That is a good thing, and very energizing, isn’t it?  And truth be told, the Creator who made you to begin with KNEW all of these things already. Why it didn’t happen sooner is rather a moot point as what is, is what is….

The beginning of the year 2012 found you wondering if your Mom was going to be okay with that wicked cancer thing. In the middle of the year, you thought she was through the worst part and things were looking good.  Now at the end of 2012, it seems that she is actually in worse health now.  Lesson learned? Probably you need to work on valuing everyday and all of your relationships better? Not an easy task when denial and busy-ness keep you rolling at too fast of a pace.  Better TAKE some time to cherish your folks as the cycle of life does require an earthly death…Being a Christ-follower, you know that there is life afterwards, but that doesn’t always make it easy on this side of the divide, does it?

And most likely, Scott, you really need to clean up and organize your life in better ways.  I wish I knew how to tell you HOW to do that. You are a magpie and you sure like pretty things….but you need to purge or at least organize and rework things more often.  You probably need to do some BIG sales events…i.e. online sales and garage/studio sales locally to clean your creative palette and start fresh.  Work on that will you?

I do think the biggest thing that you have learned this year is that you have been given creative and personality talents that have rather languished in the past, and you need to tap into those more. Do not neglect the talents you have been given as the Apostle Paul told his student Timothy. I think your time on the Generation Q Magazine staff and your time teaching at Sisters this past summer as well as you little bit on Pat Sloan’s Radio Show were indicators of where you are headed. Do what you love, to the best of your ability.  Go for it! And remember all of the ABOVE things as well. 

There are probably many more lessons you have learned from 2012 I am sure, but I can’t think of them now.  You’ll figure them out. Eventually. And as usual, keep your eyes open…..and try to keep your mouth shut (at least until your mind engages fully)   🙂

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Yours affectionately and wearing a silly hat,


Winter silliness


  • Wonderfully written!!!!!

    January 6, 2013 at 12:00 pm
  • Laurie Giddings


    Well written Scott! I relate to so much. I especially like “You are a magpie and you sure like pretty things….but you need to purge or at least organize and rework things more often.” That is so true for me as well.

    Best wishes to you my friend as you continue on your new journey.


    January 6, 2013 at 1:02 pm
  • I love that you see yourself clearly — and you let humour be your guide as well as your rock. If we can laugh or smile at some of the things we do or we’ve done we have already won most of the battle of this incredible ride called life!

    January 6, 2013 at 2:17 pm
  • Laura


    You know Scott, I think I want to read more and visit here.
    Of course that is if I can get my time and space organized.

    January 6, 2013 at 4:46 pm
  • Susan


    Prayers for you and your mom…cancer in one that you love does have you re-assessing your priorities and our priorities have to be those we love! Remember, you can only hear the Lord’s direction if you stop and listen, silently… I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the little sliver of your life, but if there is one less lia week because you got to spend that time with your mom, or someone else you love, we’ll survive and be waiting when you get back! And it looks like I need to join you in those sales!!

    January 6, 2013 at 7:56 pm
  • Thanks for sharing this Scott. I’ve been pondering my own God given talents and how He wants me to use them. So glad to hear it put into words. And as for the cancer thing, I’ve been there with my own mom. Sending prayers to your mom and family.

    January 6, 2013 at 8:59 pm

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