Zombies and Winners, Oh My!

Zombies and Winners, Oh My!

Yup! you know why I was missing from here for the last few weeks. I was working on quilts for some fabric companies for Fall Quilt Market (and I didn’t even get to go this time! Bummer!)  So that is where I’ve been and why.  That and all the rest of my “real” life!  So today I getting out the info on the winners for Emily Cier’s Pixel Play giveaway and Carla Crim’s Sewn Hats giveaway AND I have a fun little book to tell you about that is possibly designed for Halloween (ahem, which was few days ago) but is really good for year round as well.

So the winners are:

For Pixel Play:

Jan who commented on 09 Oct 2012 at 6:43 am:

I love needlework and I have seen some counted cross stitch that is really beautiful. I have never been inspired to do counted cross stitch, though. Love the pixel quilts and appreciate the opportunity!

For Sewn Hats:

Carla G who wrote on 07 Oct 2012 at 10:23 am: 

What cool hats! I don’t wear many hats except toques in the winter… But I love that my boys like to wear hats and would like to make them a fedora hat and some other hats to wear. Thanks for a chance to win and congratulations on being included in the book! And Happy Anniversary to you too!

I have emailed you two, please get your snail mail addy’s to me as quickly as possible so you can get your goodies in your “inbox”es!


And NOW for the bulk of today’s post and the Picture Portion of the post! (unwritten rule of mine….every post has to have at least one picture) Lately I have been getting emails from companies wanting to share their products with me to review here on the blog.  And not all of them are “quilty” subjects.  There is more to life than the whole needle/fiber thread we follow here you know.

And so today I am sharing a bit about Zombigami by Duy Nguyen for Sterling Children’s Books. I know that Lauren from Sterling sent me this book to share with you before Halloween, but around here, we don’t really do Halloween, but we do love a good Zombie movie every once in awhile, and you probably know someone who would love combining the fine art of Zombies and Origami as well…

The author, Duy Nguyen, starts out with a clever introduction warning you that there “are no swans, snowflakes, or sugar-coated cupcakes in this book,” only “ghastly…… gruesome zombie origami projects that are sure to raise the dead.” Definitely written to an audience not normally attracted to origami projects.

The book starts out with several pages of the basic folds used and then gives 13 (of course) specific projects like the ones in the photos below. The diagrams are well drawn with great details that take you through every step to create various living dead peeps. Oh, and there are 50 sheets of very dark and dreary (but cool) origami paper included in the back of the book!

Another great feature that I love about this book, and I think all instructional books should have, is the binding.  It is a hardcover book with a spiral binding inside. This makes the book lay flat while you are following the directions and still looks good on the bookcase.

Also in the very back there are some tear-out little mini posters of the Zombie Crew to decorate your walls with. If you feel like going that direction with your decorating that is…..

So hopefully you enjoyed this little venture away from the quilting scene usually going on here at the Blue Nickel.  I have some more book reviews coming up that include using Duct Tape and another Origami book that looks interesting.  And two Holiday book reviews too I think….plus all the usual dribble!

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  • Jan


    Thanks again for the opportunity! So excited to try a pixel quilt pattern!

    November 4, 2012 at 10:04 am

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