Polar Opposites……

Polar Opposites……

So excited to get started on these two entirely different shipments of fabrics.

First, Liberty Fabrics is bringing their luscious prints in quilters’  cottons to the States,  and they generously sent me some samples to work into some upcoming designs.  The other day at one of my DayJobs,  I looked up and noticed an interesting arrangement of windows that suddenly struck me as inspiration for a rather cool block  that might just highlight these prints beautifully.  We’ll see!

Then secondly, this came from Kaufman for a specific project I have in mind.  In fact this project already has a name even before I get the quilt made, Dwell.   It may be awhile before you get to see it here, but I thought it was so funny how equally excited I was to get both of these bundles to work with even though they are so different in nature.

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  • Can I have your Liberty scraps when you are done??? I am jealous!

    Maybe…… 🙂

    June 16, 2012 at 6:54 am

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