Winner’s Chair…..

Winner’s Chair…..


and for your gratuitous picture because I can't do a post without one and not feel terribly guilty.... part of my new journey...the "office" more about that in an upcoming post when I get the time!! "


And we have a winner for Emily’s book Geared for Guys finally!! Sorry it took so long for me to get to this! Time is so short these days.  I am amazed at how full life gets sometimes!!
Lisa Wiesman wrote:

I agree with her on the movie. I did not like that movie either. I look forward to her book. I see several patterns I would love to make.

So Lisa, please send me an email at bluenickel5 @ (without the spaces)  with your snail mail, and I will send it along to Emily to send you your book!!

Thanks for dropping a comment for the drawing, friends.

And you’re welcome for the gratuitous picture….I know you’d freak out if there wasn’t one.   And I promise, one of these days I will tell you the whole story behind the last 10 months of my topsy-turvy life occurrences (which the picture has a bit to do with).  Probably in some sort of bullet point type presentation.  Promise.

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