I call ’em like I see them…

this is just a filler post….with a bunch of my old favorites off of my Flicker account that I rarely frequent these days….but still great stuff….

1. “Heart Beats” Valentine Book Mark, 2. Untitled, 3. Log Cabin Scrap Quilt QAYG, 4. Menton, 5. Crumbling Elegance, 6. Spring arrives in Napa Valley, 7. Whimsy House, 8. Fabric-110, 9. IMG_2504, 10. Vintage Christmas card, 11. Vintage fabric neckties, 12. Birdie in a tree – in progress, 13. DIY Key Collection Key Rack, 14. Fabric storage, 15. A total SURPRISE and biggest JOY!!!!, 16. Buttons tin, 17. Spring buttons, 18. 3 Woolly hearts, 19. Flock of China, 20. Sasha’s Toy Stall

I just found the site Mosaic Maker….and Love what it does for my Flickr account….

just love it…

Now, I need to go “pin” the site to my boards so I don’t forget it…

I will make it back and tell you more about Market and GenQ….eventually….really……I will…..


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  • Those ties in #11 are wild. I can picture them paired with a bright coloured solid shirt. OUtstanding in more than one way.

    May 31, 2012 at 5:20 pm

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