and we have a winner!!

and we have a winner!!

No time…..

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So little time, so much to do!!

But even with no time, I did sneak in time to pick a winner from this post!

Here she is!

How I wish I could figure out block sizes like you do Scott. I need a pattern, size of blocks and the directions. At least I keep the pattern designers busy! I have followed you for awhile now and think you’re a great quilt designer. Your block above is amazing for someone to design or embroidery over it. It’s really another great idea. I do look forward to some patterns. Keep us posted.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting, I really enjoyed reading all the comments, and when I do find some time, I will try to post more of what you all said you liked and want more of.  I really wish I could write more tonight, but I gotta get some boring stuff done that I have been putting off forever….so I can do more cool stuff….Like quilt market prep and all…For this quilt market, I have two quilts booked so far, and possibly two more…PLUS all the Generation Q prep…which is a LOT!!  Wait till you see shots of our booth…such a cool plan….

Oh, and I am working on an “expansion” of the Blue Nickel ‘Empire’… if….but some little things are happening that could become bigger and better….



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  • That would be great for you. You work very hard doing many things, so you deserve a payoff. Good for you.

    March 23, 2012 at 8:26 pm

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