Birds of a feather….

Birds of a feather….

I am not usually into the pale pastel scene as you know, but when Thomas Knauer offered to send me some of his line Flock by Andover, how could I resist?

I had an idea already drafted that could go many ways, and I thought, why not pastel.

So here are some sneaky peaks…. 

I couldn’t decide on one blue for the solid bits I had planned…..

so…I picked them all.. (mostly from Kaufman, but I can’t be sure anymore.  I have solids from Free Spirit and Michael Miller too now)

I think this may become one of my first PDF patterns for sale too…..even though I don’t usually like to limit myself to one line for things like this, but lots of peeps do, and they seem to sell their patterns just fine.

What do you think??

I will let you know when the pattern comes up for sale.  I plan on selling it on Generation Q and Pattern Spot for starters, but also at a few online quilt shops and right here too, of course.  That’s all for now…gotta get back to sewing….

Oh, and if you already donated to our Kickstarter project at Generation Q, thank you so much! We  made our bare minimum goal! We can still get funded beyond, and you can still get great rewards until April 18th.  Any funds added above the initial 20k go to the great volunteer staff, helpers, and designers who have been helping us start this magazine from the ground up!  Thanks, and thanks again!!!




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