Winners and Happy Wrapping!

Winners and Happy Wrapping!

So today is the day to announce the winners to my two giveaways this  last week.   And while I have only two winners of  fabric, I have been messing around with my Illustrator program, and I came up with these gift tags for you to download and use for free.

Just click on one of the tags and you will be sent to a PDF that you can download and use to your heart’s content.  Printing on card stock would be best, and if you print on the blank side of a printed card stock, then your backside will be pretty too……not that your backside isn’t already pretty…but you know what I mean.

So….now to the fabric winners…

Camelama wrote:

Fun giveaway! My favorite holiday song is “Hacia Belén va un borrico”, a Spanish carol about a burro and a pot of chocolate!

and she/he (can’t tell by the name) has won this prize from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day:

And Mary who wrote:

Wonderful giveaway! I have three tables set today with Christmas dishes and winter centerpieces for our big dinner tonight.

has won this prize from the Blog Hop Party:

I will be emailing the winners and sending out the prizes soon.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and have a great Christmas if you celebrate it, and if you celebrate another winter holiday,  enjoy yours.

(if you use some of my gift tags, I would love to see pix of what you did….silly,  I know, but I would love to see someone else using my “designs”)   🙂


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