303: Life in the Country…..

303: Life in the Country…..

Not everything went well in the country once the Country Mouse, Timmy Willie, from Beatrix Potter’s beloved story returned home to the country….Or his cousin Ralph the pack rat…..

Here’s the story of what happened at our house the Sunday before last…if  you were around on Twitter that day, then you know what happened…if not….you already met the first player in the scene….the victim ….

now meet the instigator of the Sunday ER visit…..

And here is the Damsel in distress…..Mimi Pure Heart  (for this episode at least)

And here is the story……

Mimi was sitting in the living room drawing  and lamenting her last day with her BFF  (said BFF moved to Missouri of all places) when she looked out the window and saw one of the cats with the above small pack rat (we looked it up in the past, so that’s what we think it is…feel free to comment otherwise) in a more living state…Mimi rushed out to save the rat….she successfully got the rat away from the cat, but the rat wasn’t so keen on being held by something BIGGER than it’s former assassin, and retaliated with a sharp bite to  Mimi’s index finger.  At this point I had heard Noel,  my oldest yelling at Mimi to leave the mole alone…(I have got to get these kids up on their Rodentia lessons)…and came down to see Mimi bleeding profusely from the wound….

I rushed her to the sink to keep running cold water over it….and then rushed back to tell the boys to let the cats finish the job, but to not let them take their dead play-toy back into the woods….(BTW they normally don’t….they usually just leave their toys lying in front of the main door as trophies…..or in Death Corner as Linda calls it under the picnic table on the porch.)  So while the boys were watching the cats play hot potato with the rat…(okay maybe a field mouse now in hindsight) I bandaged up Mimi with a little Neosporin and a bandage, and I called the nurse hotline.   They say to get her to ER…so I took her and the rat (who is now dead in a plastic fruit container–duct-taped shut just in case of this) to the hospital.     They tell me there that rats/mice don’t normally have rabies, she had recently had her tetanus booster (Linda had the foresight to send Mimi’s immunization card with me), so  they sent me on my way for antibiotic to possibly ward off a rare woodland creature disease….(that’ll be $150 please….)

That was my Sunday afternoon two weeks back…..I had planned on taking a nap…..

Mimi was very happy that she didn’t have her hand cut off   (she was really scared of what might happen….I wasn’t too sure either….but I knew she’d like keep her digits….) she has vowed to let the cats carry out their genocide campaign around the yard and not rescue any more rodents….but she says she’ll still try to save birds….what diseases do those creatures carry??

Anyway…that’s that story….

Since then these are the other reasons I have been absent from the Blue Nickel Blog:

Besides the day job, and working on getting patterns written up, and working up a fun surprise for October for you with some friends, and the book…..I have a new job over here at Generation Q Magazine.  It is the start-up sequel to Quilter’s Home by said magazine’s former editors, Jake and Melissa and Megan….and I got asked to come along for the fun…at the moment, this is a labor of  love for all of us, but things are progressing fast, so we’re pretty excited about going to print and having a real income out of it.   We’ll have contests and giveaways often…so make sure you check by daily just to make sure….and we’ll have interesting articles that’s for sure…in fact…check this one out and make sure you get your entry in by Monday the 1st.

And don’t forget to try your hand at my coloring contest!!  I haven’t seen ANY entries yet, so if you send yours in,  you have such great odds at winning!

one last note….this was our breakfast today….SO scrumptious!!


Tomorrow I will post pictures of the TeaHouse that is rising from the never fully finished playhouse that I built for Mimi 5-6 years ago or so….It is looking SO cool!!




  • Evelene Sterling


    Oh my gosh how exhausted you must be! I am so glad you got your girl to the ER because you never know what disease the little rodents will be carrying. Ten years ago we had a bad year with mice and a virus they were carrying.
    Hope your weekend goes much better!

    July 30, 2011 at 11:23 am
  • Wow – what an exciting afternoon. Hope you eventually got your nap and that everyone (apart from the rat) make a full recovery!

    August 10, 2011 at 1:20 pm

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