293: Winner of 100 Block Magazine announced…..

293: Winner of 100 Block Magazine announced…..

Boring post title, huh?  Well, my creativity at the moment is pretty tapped out as I am finishing up all these Quilt Market projects….I am getting tired finally.

So tired in fact, that last night when I was supposed to draw a name for the 100 Blocks winner,  I just couldn’t get ‘er done. ….  So on this Happy Mother’s Day Morning, we have our winner…..

drumroll, please………

and Sandi it is….

Sandi wrote:

Scott, Sounds like you are very excited about your announcement! Love your blog intro and very happy that you’ve got a QM Mug! I’ll be checking back. Good luck at Market hope that button isn’t too heavy! Sandi

Thanks Sandi for stopping by the blog, and thanks to everyone else as well!  I love having visitors here at the Blue Nickel.  Sandi please email me at bluenickel5 (@) earthlink (dot) net with your mailing address, and I will have the Quiltmaker peeps send you your copy!

Also HUGE thanks to all the well wishers on my BIG news!! I am looking forward to sharing all my ideas with you in a published format!

And since I cannot stand having a post without any photos at all here are two tiny spots of delight from around our house from the last couple months…

And a very Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful Moms out there……we wouldn’t know what to do without you!!

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  • Rosanne Derrett


    Is that the Candace Bahouth Medieval Needlepoint I see in your book pile? Still one of the best NP books ever written. And Glorious Colour too – your bookshelf looks like mine, except mine has no Bible and meditation practice books.

    Yep that is the one…I picked it up used for super cheap at a used bookstore….like I will ever have time to get one done….

    May 8, 2011 at 11:23 am

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