281: Project Selvage!!

281: Project Selvage!!

 Hey there!!

 I am just dropping this fun tidbit out there in Blogland on my way to the studio…to work on a guest blog post, my PDF for the Blogapalooza (SOOOOO Sorry it wasn’t done beforehand…Please be patient!), also my next Y-Seam article for Quilter’s Home, and oh, yeah ….some sewing….maybe….

But before I leave as abruptly as I stopped in….check it out!!


The deadline seems a little quick for me, and I am not sure that I really want to design “baby” lines, but You might. Or you might know someone who would like to…so Go For It!!    I hope you will remember I sent you there if you become fabulously famous though, okay?

Later Gators,


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  • HI Scott, Long time no “see”. I have been busy as a bee. Tonight, though, I am strolling through blogland in my new computer. Oh, how nice it is. Hmmm……. I would love to design fabric, but I am not sure I could do a boy themed line. Kids and grandson are grown so no inspiration there. However, should I come up with something and win…………if I ever become fabulously famous, I will remember that you sent me to this contest. 🙂

    Hey Sandi, Glad to “see” you again too!! New Computer? Nice!! Have a great day! Happy Sewing and Cruising!!

    February 26, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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