258: Upon a November evening……and into a snowy morning…

258: Upon a November evening……and into a snowy morning…

it is stormy and cold out tonight…..but in the studio it has been warm and cheery….here is a little of what I have been working on ….or trying to work on …..or going to work on….when I wasn’t at the DayJob….which has been all consuming since about  mid-October or so it seems….blah, blah…..someday I will be able to write something clever and witty for you all, but for now, it will be pictures with an occasional caption….maybe….and if you are lucky or very tired yourself, they may even seem clever….  🙂

I will be teaching how to make these great little bags  at Ben Franklin’s in Monroe, Washington.  If you are a local peep, come on down and join the fun.  My friend Monica designed these, and once you start making these, you won’t be able to stop.


This bag has a vintage lining that I just love….   

I may well have already posted this stitched up piece by my friend John, but I might not have to here it is to share with you. I am not exactly sure what I will do with it yet, but I am intrigued by the whole piece for sure.


When you dig out your holiday fabrics for one project you often find works in progress that need finishing….like these placemats I started years ago.  Can you tell how my “style” has changed…..I still do like these and MAYBE I will get them finished up this year…….yeah, right….


Here is a table runner from leftovers from the project at the end of this post (of which the pattern is downloadable now….I just have to get the link on the site here….or if you  just can’t wait go here now for it!)   actually this isn’t a finished table runner, this is just what is on my design wall at the moment….I may be putting in some sashings and such…don’t know yet…it is purely an experimental piece…


a stack of Swoon and solids for a magazine project I am working on….this is such eye-entertainment for the dark side of Autumn..


A tinsel tree that I made out of pipe cleaners from this very cool set of instructions… 


Micheal Miller is reproducing Tammis Keefe now….I had never heard her name before this year, but I definitely recognize her work from growing up….these very bad reindeer crack me up…you can’t see it in this picture….but Santa has a whip…..Santa seems pretty bad too now come to think of it…..


And last but not least on today’s post, my favorites from Patty Young’s  new line Sanctuary

These are a very interesting weave that I have a hard time describing. To me they are not typical quilting cottons, but they are not the drapey voiles that Free Spirit has been coming out with.  They remind me very much of some thinner cottons that Kaffe Fasset  has used, that I used to think were too thin, but when I talked to Kaffe about it, he said he liked them because they pressed better than thicker cottons.  After he said  that, I  looked at them differently.  I am looking forward to working these of Patty’s into my patterns. 

So that’s it for today’s post….nothing eloquent….nothing earth-shattering….but a little bit of color on a cold November morning…..(yes I started this post two nights ago, and finally got around to finishing it.  It is now Sunday, the rain is gone, and it is actually snowing now, so it must be colder I assume)

Would love to hear what’s up in your world….crazy busy like most of us this time of year, right??

Peace out (or Piece out),


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