241: For Better or Worse….

241: For Better or Worse….


About 2 weeks ago, we went to the Pacific Ocean beach on the Washington State coast….if you follow me on Twitter, you may know what happened to my wife on our first night there……

   Yes, she broke her leg…..

Now, here’s the whole story….She and I were romantically swinging on the swings in a playground that we always go to with the kids…and Linda decides to jump out of the swing….and she fell…    Now  at first we just thought she sprained her ankle, cause she could walk on it and it wasn’t too swollen….so we walked home and she iced it while I walked to the mom and pop gas station in town and picked up an ace bandage and ibuprofen….and we just kept icing it and wrapping it, and Linda hobbled about.   By the time we got home nothing really had changed, but I told her she should really go to the doctor.  So on Wednesday afternoon she did….and called me from the doctor’s office saying he wanted her to get an x ray!!  I thought, well it can’t really be broken…she’s been walking on it for 5 days or so.   

So we went to get the Xray.  They told us nothing while they were there.  The next day was her birthday, and the doctor called in the am to tell us it was broken, and that we needed to get her in a walking cast….so I picked one up for her…on her Birthday, mind you.   She was supposed to see an orthopedic doctor on Monday….and they slapped her in a plaster cast told her no more walking on it, and she got a scooter and crutches and is now waiting to go back this Monday to see if it will be okay as is, or if it really needs surgery…

Of  course, this month in her weekend job as a custodian with my son, they were scheduled to work many more days than usual to cover someone else’s vacation….so all this past week, I have been going with them after my long day at my dayjob to do the sweeping part of the job, as that is one part that Linda usually does, and she can’t maneuver the broom and her scooter.  I am really worn out.  She was really sorry for me having to do that, but I told her in an email that this was part of the vows we took those 20+ years ago, and since it’s been pretty much “better” for most of the time, this wasn’t too bad for the “worse”….

But I am tuckered out.  And it’s been a long week in other ways too.  I had this big project that I was working on, and I thought it was at a really good place only to find out it needed even more work than I thought.  It wasn’t “bad” news so much as it seemed a bit disappointing, and probably being tired from the long days of work made me even more susceptible to feeling blue about it…

But you want to know one of the coolest things??  On this past Friday, the day I got the non-bad not great news, and was all chin-down about it….I also got an email saying my friend Melissa had a new blog post called Chin Up ….and it was JUST what I needed.  I was very grateful for that little word of encouragement….so if you need one too check it out….and keep your chin up too!


So this weekend amongst other things, I got two things prepped and one almost done…

First the almost done one.  Doll Quilt Swap #9

   almost done in this photo…the top is now pieced and just needs to be quilted and bound….and sent by Sept 1st…

This project started for my fist Moda Back Shop Recipe…..


and this….some of the fabric for my next quilt for Free Spirit Fabrics using Dena Fishbein’s upcoming line Tea Garden


As well as back to work on the big project that I thought I had gotten to a plateau on, but it is at a lower level than I thought….

So remember to keep you Chin Up….and if you’re married, those vows really are for better or worse,  and I think generally the better really do outweigh the worse usually…

Peace out, my friends,


Oh, and the Prop Girls name contest has almost reached the end.  There were many wonderful names and even more wonderful little bio’s for the girls.  We should have the winning names by tomorrow along with the winning commentors.  (a Hint, I am pretty sure one of the names for one of the girls had multiple comments, so we will be drawing names out of a hat for that one)  Also Tuesday is the last day to sign up on this post for the Jelly Roll giveaway.


  • So sorry to hear about Linda’s foot and the tough work week. But these temporary setbacks have a way of building character, don’t they? And you still managed to fit some projects in. Take care.

    August 8, 2010 at 9:35 pm
  • lollydo


    Hey Scott,
    So sorry for Linda’s foot and the extra pressure. I know things have been tough, but you seem to be managing and dealing with everything well! You have a great attitude about the whole thing. I have good news about DQS9 … Sept. 1 is the international date for mailing and the drop dead date for US mailing is Sept. 8. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be making from all those wonderful fabrics!
    Keep keeping on!

    August 10, 2010 at 8:34 am
  • What a great attitude – for better or worse – and seeing there is more better!!

    August 10, 2010 at 8:44 am
  • Jeanette


    ” Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other” Dalai Lama

    But it’s good to know your loved ones are there for you when you need them too. Have an awesome day, both of you!!

    August 11, 2010 at 7:44 am
  • Those darn swings! My son broke his elbow last year jumping out of a swing, too. (though he had been told many times not to, but was at a friends house that parents let them) Hope she feels better & you get a bit of rest!

    August 11, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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