235: Come, let’s walk in the garden…

235: Come, let’s walk in the garden…

Welcome to the gardens at Shiloah Cottage….home of Blue Nickel Studios and Miss Mabel Studio, and a rag-tag fleet of teenagers, chickens, cats……and a duck….

Here is your self-guided tour:



Also note how relatively weed free the gardens are here due to some meticulous editing weeding by the photoshop gardening staff……yeah right….    


Well, that’s your tour for now…all of these pictures were taken back in May before Quilt Market, and yes, it has taken two months to get them posted here….there are actually a bunch more to post, so come check out the next installment of the Blue Nickel Garden weedfree tour…..  

hey two months isn’t too bad…I still have pictures of our 20th anniversary trip that I really want to share with you….and that was LAST October….

Peace out, Peeps!

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  • Patty


    Beautiful flowers. Just show the tops of them and no one will see that you haven’t weeded them!

    July 15, 2010 at 12:33 pm

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