217: Happy April!

217: Happy April!

Hey there….how are you??

It has been busy around here…as more people get to know about Blue Nickel Studios and me, I have been getting the most interesting emails….that and my computer crashed last weekend, which totally flipped me out, but all of my design stuff and addresses etc were safe…but it really did freak me out…that I and I did some more cleaning in the studio, which it sorely needed..it still needs more, but that’s another story.  

So here is a sneak peek at one of the projects I have just finished.   It is for the magazine, Quilter’s Newsletter , so I can’t show any more until the issue comes out.  It was a Paula Prass project that I have designed out of Paula’s Woodland Delight collection, and very fun.  The palette was much more minimalistic than my usual fare, so in that respect I found it a challenge, but when you see it later this year, I hope you will agree that I met that challenge nicely.   Here are just a  few glimpses of it in process. 


That’s it…I thought I had more pictures….but just in case you don’t hear much from me in the next few weeks….here’s the list of they why’s:  

I have three quilts to make for Quilt Market in May…one for Free Spirit (Boys will be Boys)   one for Michael Miller (Brady Bunch) and one for Robert Kaufman (as of yet, I think undisclosed)…..plus a couple other projects both little and big….oh yeah and that ole’ day job…..and ….uh….taxes….nope, I haven’t done them yet…and I usually am way done by now!!   So even though this is not my photo, I think it is pretty clear what my next 6 weeks are going to be like:

Hair-raising to say the least…  and to top all this….Linda wants to make a real man out of me by getting me into one of these….so 2010 is proving to be an interesting and fun year!!

And just because I like this….a picture of a dried bit of fennel that made it through the winter….

    Okay, now I gotta get going…lots of stuff to do this weekend design wise as well as Easter family activities….

A blessed and wonderful Easter to all!!


  • Jeanette


    You’ll have to get Linda to sew you one, we’ve been to the store and they are very $$ =o)
    Happy Easter to you all!

    April 4, 2010 at 7:05 am
  • well, glad to know now what makes a man (though I do love a traditional kilt, hubby won’t go there). Am curious to see how you put those fabrics and colours together. really must renew my subscription to that mag.

    April 4, 2010 at 9:03 am

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