196: Two months til Christmas…how’s that for Halloween Fright?!

196: Two months til Christmas…how’s that for Halloween Fright?!

Yep today is October 25th….and yes I said Christmas….I have worked “retail” for over 22 years now, and in my world it is Santa and snow and etc. I am rather embarrassed though at some of the Garage Sale Fodder that comes through my back door sometimes.  I mean seriously, WHO is going to buy some of this “stuff”?   Amazingly it all sells eventually if you mark it down low enough.  But enough of that little tirade…thanks for listening, I feel a little better.   

Let’s move on….

Back on the 3rd of October I posted a link to my mini Open Studio Tour as part of the Quilting Arts Open Invitation Studio Tour….And I said in that post that I would send out some scrap bags to two lucky winners…..I never really gave a deadline, and I didn’t do a lot of promotion for it…..and well, honestly, the little contest has been forgotten, but we are nearing the 200th post here soon, so I have remembered and I am hear to announce da winners!!  The winning numbers were 14 and 10 from the 20 comments I received.  

#10 is Pamela:

Pamela Smith on 04 Oct 2009 at 5:42 am

What a fabulous studio to create in, Scott! Love the tchotchkes, the riot of colors and patterns, and charming gifts from your loved ones ~
Have a great time at Quilt Market!

And #14 is Raelyn:

  • # Raelyn on 05 Oct 2009 at 8:40 am

    Thanks for the tour – it just shows that you can create fabulous things no matter the size of the space. Thanks!

  • So Pamela and Raelyn, please send me your address by email at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink dot net….  

    And just so you aren’t without any “pretties today” here are some snapshots to keep your eyes happy…..

    Here is my family from this past summer at the beach….it was 107 at home this day….so we were so very glad to be here that week!!      Linda is the soon to be shortest one on the right if you couldn’t tell  🙂 🙂 beach2


    Linda’s friend Jeanette sent me these scraps from her house awhile back…there was such a variety and some really funky stuff too…Love getting me some more “paint”…..fabric landscape

    fabric landscape2  jeanette's fabx

    And here is my favorite from the batch! one of my favs in the bunch... 

    Love the Pennsylvania Dutch look!

    And the last picture….something I just discovered in time for the holidays…some crosstitching I did awhile back on a REALLY tiny count re-discovered I really love the little elves!  I think they came from a vintage Danish Cross Stitch book from Linda’s Grandma….Now if only I could get them  into something for the holidays….that way they won’t get sucked back into the bowels of the studio….

    Happy Pre-Holidays everyone!!  And thanks for dropping by the studio blog…I know I can be inconsistent in my posts…usually it is because I am so busy working on so many things at once.   I am really trying to get done writing up the instructions for the three newest quilts I did for Free Spirit.  Once they are done, I will be doing a little arranging here on the website/blog and create a page that has just the links to the directions for all those quilts that I have done for Free Spirit all in one easy to navigate place……

    And don’t forget the 200th post is coming up…and I have a LOT of stuff to giveaway!!


    • Jeanette


      I just knew you would like that chicken fabric best (I like it too) it came from a yard sale where a woman in her 70’s was selling her moms stash, what fun.
      LOL looking at your beach photo I kept hearing the wicked witch of the west’s voice saying “I’ll get you my pretties’ ha,ha. Great family photo, you guys grow them good =o)

      October 25, 2009 at 9:16 am
    • so good to see your family on these pages!! The kids all look like you!! Sorry Linda!! Hope you are well..Just got some yardage and will blog about the quilt so people will be by to visit..I can hardly wait.

      November 8, 2009 at 10:26 am

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