189:So long Summer….

189:So long Summer….

Okay so officially summer ended last week, right?  But around here it ended yesterday and the rains and winds have come…
I hope I am forgiven for not posting most of this month…I have had a ton of projects due (like next week) for Quilt Market, and I am frantically trying to finish them up now….I should be doing those right now, but I thought if I didn’t post soon…you would all run away looking for a fresher and more frequently updated blog (one that doesn’t tease about giveaways and then never gets around to it..oh, wait I am guilty of that too!  Dang!…Really, I do Promise to have a big giveaway soon….I gotta make room for more you know!)

Anyway…I don’t have a lot of time to squeeze this post in so I am going to make it a brief one.  

First come back and join me and a host of other artists on October 3rd in the Cloth Paper Scissors Open Studio Virtual Tour….CPSOSVT for short….  

   Studios Fall Tour 2009    I am working up some videos of my studio for the tour and will post them here on the day of the virtual tour…..the video camera I am using is not that great, but adequate, and my test videos were fun to do….so come back here on the 3rd and join the tour…I can probably even work up a giveaway by then…maybe…I probably should huh? Since I am inviting all these people I should do something nice, since I am not really cleaning the studio for the tour…

Well, I gotta get back to work on these projects which will get posted in a couple days, but before I leave…let me leave you with these shots from this past May and my mother-in-law’s beautiful yard:

clelmatis clematis 2 foliage foliage 2 garden grill  greenery in pot grill and clematis lovely pot rust and petal  rusty milk can  3  pots full  succulents 

That’s all for now….Betty has an awesome green thumb, doesn’t she?  I have pix I took inside the house too, and her artistic touch is obvious there too…okay so now back to sewing!!

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  • Nice new pix from around the yard man. I sure miss it up there sometimes. Happy Autumn!!

    September 29, 2009 at 8:29 pm

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