183: Christmas past…before Christmas future becomes Christmas Present

183: Christmas past…before Christmas future becomes Christmas Present

More Cleanup from the desktop of the Blue Nickel….

Today Christmas pictures to get you in the mood for the upcoming season…I know it’s August, but speaking as a retailer….dudettes and dudes …it’s coming up strong…if you go into a Hallmark store, you will see what I mean. In my backroom at work there is a box of new Hallmark ornaments….and I haven’t put them out yet….but I will be soon.  One of the sad truths of retail…

Speaking of retail and the first set of Christmas pictures below, please visit my friend Jona at Fabritopia.  She has this wonderful Christmas Snowflower line for sale online, and you simply must get some from her, because she is a delight of a shopkeeper and one of my favorite new peeps that I met in person at Quilt Market this spring.  And because Christmas really is a-comin’!     

Here are some messy piles of Christmas Snowflower in the studio…I really love the little red and white overall print, and it is very usable for non-Christmas projects too!

Christmas snowflower fabric Christmas snowflower fabric 2 

Below are some of the design wall ideas I had before I finalized the overall quilt down to this…..

green star 1 green star 2 first green star 3 first SF green star final 

And now for some more Christmas visions…

And here follows a Round Robin done with all guys on Quilt Guy Yahoo group…took a long time…but it finally came back  this spring…the four center stars are mine..each round after it was done by other guys in the group…thanks guys!   Now I need to get it quilted before this Christmas!  Linda says I need to turn the circles into ornaments by adding those little hangy top thingies….technical  I know…but I don’t know what they are called…sounds like a Balderdash question, huh?

rr 2007 

Love this rickrack detailing on the last border!

detail RR 2007

Oh, and it started raining here in a very dry Western Washington State…possibly a little late for some of the plants around here, but good for most of them!  And good for me, as I always feel like I dry up when everything else dries up too….So the I am feelin’ the rainy love!

Finally finished up the border and the back on the orange wedding quilt at the bottom of this post and will be taking it to my friend Becky’s to be quilted….so one more project done…woo hoo! I have a couple more little projects to do before I start one of my biggest ones yet…but more about that later..

Oh, and part of my morning this early August morning, I spent trolling other blogs, and these two peeps are two that caught my eye THIS morning (there are PLENTY of them that catch my eye most days…I just happened to enjoy these both THIS am)….Sandy Henderson and Lizzy House….Sandi shows a peek at her new line and it includes some delightful strawberries!!  And Lizzy just got back from Switzerland, so I know her blog will have quite a few exciting posts coming up…I ended up reading some of Lizzy’s posts from January 2008, and it was fun to read about her life BEFORE she had two lines of fabric out.  

Anyway..hope you enjoyed this little Pre-holiday entry…considering that I still have last year’s newsletters to family and friends sitting next to me to send out for Christmas ’08, I dunno….I sometimes wonder what has happened to my life,  and exactly where the train left the tracks….but it’s been a fun ride pretty much most of the way..(well, except for the  car accident I was in last week, but that is a completely different story)……


I had to write something at the end to bring you back didn’t I?  If I remember, I will write about the accident more later….

Happy in the August Rain,


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