179: On the Outside…

179: On the Outside…

Okay,  yes two posts in one day….I just wanted to share this “beginning” of a painting that I started on today. 

abstract flower1   

Actually I sketched it weeks ago…and though it is coming out “chunkier” than I envisioned, I rather like it.  So here is my first (actually second) piece of “Outsider” art that I have begun.  It makes me smile, and you just never know what may happen next….it only takes a step here and a step there…and there you go on a journey you never knew would happen.  Thanks for coming along on this journey with me…it is good to have companions on the way!

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  • Scott, that looks like a great beginning to a piece of fabric….if you know what I mean!! Way cool!

    July 19, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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