171: Random #1

171: Random #1

Today’s post is more clean up…I am wrapping up one overdue project today…and starting 3 more? No, make that 4!

Anyway today for you all some pictures from life here at Shiloah Cottage, home of Blue Nickel Studios and Miss Mabel Studio (Linda has been posting a ton of pictures of our life here…so she has more I bet)

  Building “protector” in Pittsburgh….I liked how it was attention-grabbing, but it seemed unusual to me…maybe it’s an East coast/West coast thing..

  Rockwork from a building in Pittsburgh…not very colorful, but I really liked the rugged, irregular texture of it all.

  chair upholstery from my room in Pittsburgh….hmmm, quilt or base for a new fabric?

 Vintage tablecloth that we used at Easter!  those wavy stripes really aren’t there…don’t exactly know why they came out in the picture.

 Here is a rooster detail from the tablecloth…I love our vintage stuff here at Shiloah Cottage (yes, I named our home…so bourgeois, I know!)  I used to call it Shiloah Estate here, but if you look at our lawn and the plantings around here…Cottage is the best we can aspire too! 🙂

  papers picked up in Seattle’s International District……this last February (I told you I had a lot of old pictures waiting to be posted) 

    I couldn’t buy this paper in the Asian bookstore….I had to have everything that I was buying for my family already gift-wrapped in it.  Honestly, they could have saved time and made money, but this was only for thier FREE gift-wrapping service…So there you go..

Oragami doll from same trip     I love some of the packaging that comes out of Asia.  These caramel hearts apparently carried the Olympics theme through supporting great victory.  The little book to the left featuring Rapunzel came with the hearts….What is that about??

  I picked this book up the same day as the Seattle trip above.  It has some of the coolest patterns and textured surfaces I have seen.   I thought it would be great inspiration, and it is!

So for today, one last picture…..one with some poppin’ color so you don’t forget where you are….. This is a vintage quilt, that a firend of a friend commissioned me to repair a little and get it quilted.  Most of the blocks look to be early 1900’s, but I am fairly certain that the orange sashing was added in the 40’s-60’s perhaps.  I will be finishing it up with pink and orange border of a Joel Dewberry print and then having it quilted, then binding it with a scrappy pink/orange combo. This is for the lady’s niece who got married right around Market…..so everyone knew it would be late…that is one of those next projects….

So thanks all for putting up with the lack of posts lately.  I should have Random # 2 coming up soon…and some giveaways as since after Market, more stuff is coming, and I am in great need of cleaning up my side of the studio….like that’s something NEW or something!!


  • You make me smile! Clean up your studio? Have a good day.

    Yeah, I know, like the cleaning will happen….ever!!

    June 6, 2009 at 12:00 pm
  • Hi Scott! I love the randomness of this post! Lots of really geat pics– so inspiring! It’s a little peek inside where your brain goes when you see different things. I love it! The life and eye and mind of a designer, having to stop to take a picture of a wall for the sake of texture….sounds like something I would do too..and have done, numerous times. We went to Paris last year and I went CRAZY with carpet and ceiling tiles and wallpaper pics. My hubby thought I had lost it!
    I want that last quilt you posted, with the orange…and with the added joel?? YUM! Will you please post pics when it is finished? I can’t wait to see it.

    Oh Paris! I can see that! I have never been, but we’re talking at least 8 gigs of sewer grates and lamp posts I bet!! Thanks for kind words. The Orange quilt? I will post pix…but I think you will have to find the bride and fight her for it!! 🙂

    June 17, 2009 at 9:06 am
  • Love that eye for obscure details!

    June 18, 2009 at 1:11 pm

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