167: When it rains it pours

167: When it rains it pours

It was pouring last night….and woke up to a GIGANTO thunderclap at 2AM… Thought the neighbor’s tree had hit the house….Nothing that severe…but later in the morning at a cheery 5 am right after I got out of the shower for work, Max, my middle son, comes to tell me he left his window open last night!  I am freakin’ cause I hate mold and water inside the house not in the pipes only brings visions of black slime to my mind..  and so I go in there to wipe up his sill and such  and discover that his window is leaking at the top as well.. ugh….caulking is now needed on the first dry day off….I am hoping that will be soon….

But a better kind of pouring was this afternoon when I got an email from Joe the Quilter, asking me if I wanted to be in his upcoming book about male quilters.  DO I WANT TO BE INCLUDED?  Is he seriously asking me “if” ???  So that surprise was a good pouring out of blessing…. I am freakin’ stoked about that ….

I need to get to work still getting read for Market, but I thought you should get some kind of photo…so here you go from the pile up on my desktop:

Driveway texture      

And the following are my favorite flower in the world I think…These are actually opening up any day now….I adore lilacs!!



  • Congratulations on the book offer….what was Joe thinking, that you might not want to be in his book? Sorry about the rain thing in your house….I hate when that kind of thing happens………especially right in the middle of important stuff. Looks like your Lilacs are frosted? That would be us…if it would get warm enough for them to bloom!

    Thanks Sheri! Actually our lilacs are about ready to burst into full glory…those pictures are from a foggy morning about a month ago…still cleaning up this deskstop!

    May 6, 2009 at 5:05 am
  • Kevin B.


    That is great news Scott! Congrats. I love your quilts so I agree with Joe that you deserve the exposure.

    Had a little laugh, the placement of the photo of your driveway right after the line, “from the pile up on my desktop”.

    Kevin B.

    Hey Kevin, I never thought of that! But if you saw my actual desk….umm…it might not seem that far from the truth!

    May 6, 2009 at 7:37 am
  • Yvonne


    Congratulations on the book with Joe the Quilter! Very exciting news!! Your quilts are wonderful; it’s going to be fun seeing them–and YOU–in a book!! Of course I’ll bring my copy over to Bartells for your autograph. lol

    I have a miniature lilac bush by my front door—it smells so nice when it’s in bloom (which is isn’t, yet–your lilacs are ahead of mine!)


    May 7, 2009 at 7:40 am

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