162: Clean up: Part Deux–Texture and Color

162: Clean up: Part Deux–Texture and Color

So not all of these pictures go together, but they kind of have a theme so I went with it. This is part two of my clean-up-the-desktop series…..of course I have two new quilt projects that I have to get done by Market, so they may be on here too…..and most of these posts will be short….I have a lot to do!

I love the texture on this paint that I just can’t get to stay on….I hate the fact that wood rots, especially in the Northwest, so I have to paint over this great patina, if I want to keep this old door looking great…  


And a nearby window needs paint too, but for now has great photography potential!

And this post REALLY needs a paint job, but these shots are kinda cool I thought….      

Here are some scraps from a project of Linda’s that made a very cool banner for the edge of the forest…this was a few weeks ago…I am happy to say GREEN is coming into view everywhere! and I am so relieved that Spring is finally making her cheery entrance again!    

More spring cheer!   

And something Pretty Please in the studio!  This purple centered is from my friend Jennifer’s new line (one of three new lines this spring) Now I really don’t like purple generally, but I REALLY like this! And around the purple gem are hints of the 2 current quilt projects for Free Spirit…..more to come on those!

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  • too much suspense for me!!

    April 19, 2009 at 6:44 am

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