158:May the Forest Be with you….

158:May the Forest Be with you….

I saw this on a bumper sticker for some society or website, and I loved it so much I appropriated it for this entry of pictures from our woods that I took last fall…while there was still some  green out there.


 Mimi was concocting things for fairies here…..moss wine or something of that nature…  


 Okay, and technically this is from a different forest in September, which I didn’t HAVE to tell you, but I thought I should.  It is much “greener” than the other pictures as it was September and not November which explains part of it.  This plant also is associated with more year round water than our woods….and makes me think of mosquitos!  But I love the look of this plant…so primeval to me….   

          There is beauty in everything….sometimes you just have to keep looking….that is true in nature and in people too…

Don’t forget to look for the beauty today!

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