154: What goes around….

154: What goes around….

So last week when I was working on my “blog-a-view” with Jennifer Paganelli, I got asked to be in a blog-a-view of sorts by Stichin’ Heaven in Quitman, Texas.  I have had quilts visit Houston, Texas at Quilt Market, but I have never been. There is a little story to how this came about, but I am tired and will tell more later.  The cool thing is this they and I are doing a giveaway concerning their “blog-a-view” of me….there, did I confuse you?  I think I confused me, as I am not feeling well and I am very tired tonight…..but be watching for my announcement of that interview and ready to comment on both their site and here at the Blue Nickel okay?  For Fabulous Prizes you know! 

I am tired, but I need to at least give you a couple pretty pictures…so here are some stragglers from recent photo-safaris:


Hope to post pix of the prize package from me for the Stichin’ Heaven interview tomorrow…I think they will be posting their “blog-a-view” Saturday.  It is not easy coordinating these things…and I feel sick and tired and it’s late….blah, blah, blah ………okay I’ll stop whining y’all!

Lator Gators!

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