146: for the birds

146: for the birds

So Linda found this birdhouse discarded in a blackberry bramble next to the road…WHO would throw away such a treasure…She gave it to me for Valentine’s day…isn’t she romantic…

     of course this side of the roof had all these little nails sticking out where the shingles had been….what to do??  hmmm…

   Ahh….that’s better!!

I was so smitten with Anna Maria’s photo shoot with thread that I decided just yesterday to take some old spools that were given to me “because I sew”  and take them out for their own photo session! 

Here are some more good times with the birdhouse.   what a fun day….there is more to do with thread than just sew…who knew?  More shots from this session later..they had a great time in the wisteria!

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  • This looks like spring……so colorful and what a neat way to show off the birdhouse and your thread!

    February 27, 2009 at 12:24 pm

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