136: Happy Thanksgiving!

136: Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I was supposed to be working on my quilt for Free Spirit this morning before going over to my parents for the big feast, but it hadn’t come yet…I was working on some other quilting projects for mags and stuff, and then about 1:30pm, Linda calls me downstairs to see a box delivered on Thanksgiving day…I was happy for me, but sad for the person who had to work to deliver it too me!  The fabric is washing right now, I will post pictures later…very unusual and fun stuff to be sure!

So for today I thought I would drop in some pictures that you might enjoy from our studio and around Shiloah Cottage. 

     Some of Linda’s dolls that she made in the 80’s I think….one may be a store bought one. 

   The Muppets who sit above my window…being kept in check by the plastic Mountie that I got from Canada when I was about 7 I think…    A lone leaf outside by the potting shed

A rusty hinge hanging      by my sewing machine….just for Melissa!

   and a pile of my favorite    color of anything, but especially nice in fabric!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and come back soon for updates on Project Jay’s Quilt!  (I really need a better name for this quilt) 

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