121: More Falling into Fall….

121: More Falling into Fall….

   There he is!!  This is the little guy that wouldn’t load on the post this morning for the giveaway!!   That is better….all is well in the world, I can load pictures again.  Here, I took a picture of my giveway prize:      I think I will add a couple of coordinating fat quarters to go with the kid printed panel too…those will have to be a surprise though! 
Thanks to all of you who wrote such nice comments so far on the giveaway entry.  I am excited to see everyone’s thoughts on their favorite colors of the upcoming 3 months….I think people forget December is in there, because most people are mentioning autumn colors…and some cool colors too, like chocolate brown and eggplant….I think I am going to chart them all and see what they look like as a whole…sort of a Blue Nickel Poll if you will (not to be confused with the Blue Gallop Poll…what you never heard of the Blue Gallop Poll?)

And many thanks for the comments of concern for the accident, and the congrats on our anniversary tomorrow!  I am so happy to have such a wonderful wife…sometimes I know we irritate each other, but I just can’t imagine a day without her…..even at Quilt Market last spring which I was SO happy to be at, I missed her somewhat fierce!

I have a few more pictures to show you before I close this entry for the night, and get to the 674 items that still need my attention before I go to bed.  I figure I owe this to you for all my absence from here, particularily since I think a lot of the most recent commentors are new to my blog.  (and one of my 8 subscribers so far dropped off their subcription…I wonder what I said that sent them away?….speaking of that you can get an email whenever I drop a line in here telling you that I did, but only then, and I don’t think I am too obnoxious….I love it when a blog I enjoy has that feature, then I get updated right away, and I don’t miss anything. …..but I digress (how can some of you even read this, I trip trap all over the place….sigh)

Okay the promised pictures.  

These next 3 pictures show some of the “success” I have finally been having with my quilting machine.  No where near perfect, but it is getting better. 


These next three pictures are part of an afternoon awhile back that I spent re-decorating the studio researching ideas for a line of fabric that is just out from Moda and is going into a quilt that I am aiming at having published in a magazine someday….I would say soon, but “soon” is not easily accomplished in publishing I am finding out. 


I have more pictures of my redecorating research to come later.  Also pix from our camping (cabin-style) trip from Labor Day and my recent haircut are waiting to come down the pike as well.  Oh, and in the mail, I am expecting my first shipment from Spoonflower.com where I managed to get on board as a beta fabric printer with them…what does that mean?  I am getting some fabric swatches with some of my own experiments in fabric design that I have started…if I like the results, I am going to try some more ideas out there where I can get a couple yards, see how things work out, and then someday present my ideas to the big companies for mass distribution to all you wonderful fiber artists out there….

whew…I am tired…gotta get to those other things now….TTFN….(and if you know your Pooh Bear, you know what that means!)  Thanks again for dropping by the Blue Nickel…I hope you will come by often and drop a line here and there….comments remind me this isn’t a total waste of time!!  And you can certainly comment even when there are no prizes for doing so you know!


  • Great job on the machine quilting – I’ve been trying my hand at it as well, and it’s not as easy as it looks!

    I was contemplating taking a class, but found that most people and books that I’ve looked at said that the best thing to do is practice, practice, practice.

    October 9, 2008 at 1:26 pm
  • Your blog rocks!!

    November 11, 2008 at 5:33 am

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