119: Monday, monday…

119: Monday, monday…

Today is a hodpodge from the back up in my laptop….been a busy week…and not a lot of it fun or exciting, but thought you would like to at least see some of what’s going on.

 I recently received this cool bunch of blender type fabric from Sandi because I came close to guessing the size of a quilt she made a while back….just got to posting the picture now….  these will look great with some fall prints or even certain Christmas ones.

And here are some more pix of Leavenworth; King Ludwigs    a great restaurant that we didn’t go to this time, but have in the past..authentic Austrian food…sausages and potatoes, etc.

This is Kris Kringles.. 2 solidly packed floors of Christmas  decor.  I love this place everytime we come here.

And here are a few more shots of Mrs. Andersons/Dee’s Country Accents….the quilt shop/bed and breakfast.

   Hi Louise!     

some cool stamps that I recently picked up…  I love stamps!

and last but not least, a closeup of autumn M&M’s in cool    fall themed colors….way better than plain ole’ black and orange.

I am TRYING to get some quilt tops done and photographed to have Marci take a flyer of my work to Quilt Market, but it has been a trying week with many little things picking at my time.  I do have more pix to show of my studio mini makeovers, my niece’s quilt (five years overdue) etc.   Real life must prevail, even though bloglife is so fun!  There are exciting things in the works, but all is just process now and foundation building, and there isn’t much to SHOW for that, but in the long run, I am hoping for good things…

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